SMS Mobile Landing Page

Mobile landing pages with effective CALLS TO ACTION

SMS marketing is one of the most effective ways to push information to prospective customers.

It is more effective than email marketing, social media marketing and search engine marketing.

You must be clear on how you start to ‘funnel your prospective customers’ – which means, before you start giving smart answers, you have to ask smart questions.

Once you have done this, the key to success, is qualifying the response from your SMS marketing campaign.

This is achieved with well designed Mobile Landing Pages . . .

Mobile landing pages with effective CALLS TO ACTION is the basis for quality customer funneling.

By working closely together we can develop mobile landing pages that correctly funnel your customers to the point of readiness for call centre staff.

Such effective cutomer funneling will increase the conversion rates of your call staff and improve your ROI.

These is more to SMS marketing than simply sending out a text message.

“There are more questions than answers . . . ” may be the start of a song, but this phrase is also crucial to marketing. The most important aspects of marketing are:

  • The needs of the buyer.
  • What motivates the buyer to action.

In achieving success with both the aspects above, then the ability to ‘tune in’ to the customer is crucial.

Ringing a prospective customer at the ‘wrong time’ or without knowing their needs in advance, is a certain way to get on the wrong frequency with them. This may be recoverable by a very good sales person, but for many it could result in a lost opportunity.

Using Polls and Surveys sent directly to their mobile Phone via SMS is not as intrusive as a phone call.

If the questions you ask a prospective customer ‘come across’ as being supportive to their needs, then not only will you have tuned in, but you will get a response that will ‘funnel the customer’ for everyone’s benefit.

Mobile Landing Pages may include Polls and Surveys, they may also contain other CALLS TO ACTION, such as a mobile or landline phone numbers. They should be clear and to the point and be interactive – including links to further information or downloads or video’s etc.

HTML5 Landing Pages are perfect for both SMS and E-Mail Marketing.

They are perfect for funneling customers to ‘call centre staff’; they are also perfect for promoting FOH (Front of House) facilities at venues such as golf clubs; they are also perfect for social / network marketing.

Click here to view a live example of our HTML5 Landing Page.