Dining at Nefyn Golf Club

SMS Marketing for the sport & recreation sector

This post uses golf as an example, however, almost any sport or recreational venue may benefit from this type of SMSMarketing . . .

Many golf clubs run profitably, whilst some would like to increase their income.

Utilising modern technology, especially SMS Marketing, takes full advantage of people’s desire to use their mobile phone.

SMS / Text messaging can be used in many ways, however, it can be worth its weight in gold if used as a focus for aspects that are under utilised.

Some golf clubs may need to increase the income at FOH (Front Of House), whilst others may need to increase the income from Membership or Green Fees.

SMS can target potential customers and ‘DRIVE’ them (excuse the pun), towards the aspect that needs developing.

FOH Development:

Example – If a golf club wanted to try and promote it’s FOH facilities to increase the revenue from passing visitors then SMS Marketing could be an interesting method.

There are various methods for delivering the SMS, and these include:

  • P2P – ‘Person to Person’ SMS Marketing (however this is on the decline).
  • OTT2P – ‘Over The Top Apps to Person’ SMS Marketing (such as Whats App or Text2Pro)
  • A2P – ‘Application to Person’ – These are professional services and are proving to be the most cost effective ROI in the marketing world at the moment.

For details of small scale OTT2P SMS Marketing please view this additional article, otherwise, please read on.

LISTS, POLLS and SURVEYS may be used with any of the above, and the following example provides a practical example of how this may be applied –

This example is part of a larger digital marketing approach, that links together Landing Page design, Search Marketing, Social Wi-Fi Marketing as well as SMS Marketing – all of these are provided by Digital Marketing specialist Marcus Pearson.

click here to view the example.


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