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“Marcus is friendly, trustworthy, loyal and someone you can understand with regard to digital marketing –

Email marketing and SMS marketing may be a rather complicated or technical speciality to master, however, when you have someone with the ability to explain it, and apply it with such vision and great perspective for you – well, it all seems so easy.”

R. Earing (

Results Matter:

Results matter in business, however, it is important in digital marketing to be very thorough and to ask the right questions and to be clear on exactly what results you are after. In the business world, with everything else going on around you, it is difficult to find the time to examine things with the clarity and focus needed – Marcus can manage this for you in a friendly manner.

Setting targets  & goals based on competitive analysis and market research is also very important, and this is something Marcus has been doing successfully for many years. He can support you with establishing benchmark data, and then tailor the CALLS TO ACTION of your marketing campaign.

Analysis of SMS and Email Marketing campaigns is crucial to get the best Return On Investment.

email marketing

Using professional email packages such as MailChimp also allows for excellent data analysis.

MailChimp have produced excellent marketing data from which we can tailor your campaign.

  • Email marketing benchmarks.
  • Email Marketing subject line comparison.
  • Effects list segmentation on email marketing stats.
  • Impact of mobile use on email engagement.

Psychology and Calls To Action (CTA):

The tone of the CTA can be infuenced by an image and the postioning, size and colour or font style of the text.

Specific words can help promote the “theory that curiosity leads to satisfaction” – subsequently, incentives and rewards that lead to anticipated success often bring about the best results from a marketing campaign.

Marcus has a Diploma in psychology to support his digital capabilities – understanding the mind is important!

Funnel Marketing:

Finding out what the customer needs and wants, and then finding out how best to provide it underpin the basis of all marketing.

Marcus can design and manage a variety of Polls and Surveys that may be used to funnel your customers towards your CTA.

Timing and Holistic Development:

The ability to tune in to your customer and show appropriate timing in the delivery of your email or SMS marketing is something that should feel “like a coincidence”, rather than a “push message”.

Providing the customer with tips and educational information or specific knowledge about their topic of interest, in a non selling manner is very difficult to achieve – but something that Marcus can manage for you.

The bottom line is simple – the better you know your customers and the more you share the same frequency, then the better tuned in you will be  – and the greater your ROI / sales!

Marcus has written and published two books on ‘enlightenment’ and the perspective from these is invaluable when applied to any email or sms marketing or digital marketing campaign.

HTML5 landing pages for your email or sms marketing campaigns:

This simple example combines many of the aspects mentioned above – click here to view.

Send Email to SMS Text Message Gateway:

Send bulk text messages from an email client such as Outlook or Gmail, using our Email to SMS gateway. Replies to your text message can also be forwarded to your email inbox. Email to SMS is a hassle free way to instantly contact customers, staff, members, or respond to enquiries received from your mobile marketing promotions – without logging into our online platform.